I need advice about Valentines Gift

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estelle41 asked 1 year ago

Actually, I met a girl for about 6 months now. All I can say is we both realized that we love each other. I’m looking for some ideas of gifts I can buy on the online store that can be shipped to her on Valentine’s day.

Do you guys have any ideas of shops or gifts for this occasion?

Sorry for this off topic

Phobos replied 3 months ago

Theater tickets are the best gift. By the way, how is it possible that the forum shows toyofhappy replied to the thread 52 years ago

ChandlerPriest replied 1 year ago

Okay so here are a few ideas that you can use for gifts, I will put rough estimates of prices too:

YSL Libre edt will be about £100 for 90ml but you will be able to get discount at most stores.
Maison Margiela beach walk about £99 for 100ml main you will be able to get a discount at most stores.
Original la vie eat belle by lancolm I’m not sure about price it is cheaper than the pervious but smells amazing.
Pandora charms if she has a charm bracelet if not maybe a nice ring or a pair of earrings.
Molton Brown candle or jo malone candle
Ole Hendrickson skincare my girlfriend loves this stuff its really good
cerave skincare
flowers and a big teddy