How do I choose the right perfume?

Man For Himself ForumCategory: FragranceHow do I choose the right perfume?
gubtil31 asked 2 years ago

The first part is you need to differentiate between perfume and cologne. Then you need to do some trial and research to find out which perfumes (choose body chemistry perfume) work great on your body. If you ever come across a scent that you feel smells differently or weirdly than when on your friend’s body, it is an indication that it doesn’t work well for your body chemistry.
How do I choose the right perfume?

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Richard answered 2 years ago

Know the difference between the similar products and decide what you actually want. For example, Antiperspirant vs deodorants vs perfumes has a lot to be learnt. If you know what you want for yourself, then you have a lot of men’s fragrances to choose from on Allvendi men’s personal care products online store.

ThomasDiSantare answered 1 year ago

My girlfriend bought perfume and explained it. If a guy smells young (17-25 years old) should be light, and if a man, then the perfume should be heavier