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HobgoblinGenuineAle420 asked 2 years ago

I have thick quite wavy blonde hair worn with short sides pushed back front is 6.5 inches gets shorter towards the back and
i currently use an oil based clay, that works great almost too well but am sick of the difficulty in application and difficulty to wash out as well as the tugging it can cause throughout my day
Looking for a water based product, preferably not super Matte and is strong enough to control my hairs. My hair holds volume very well too well often but needs something strong to control it into the style must be water based!
thanks all would be very helpful!

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Chris answered 2 years ago

Oasis clay by Tempeltons Tonic. Best Clay I’ve used thus far – Knocked Morris Motley and Northern lights to the back of my collection. I use a little as a pre-styler and then a wee bit more when dry and it’s got a magic hold, scent and subtle matt finish.
Check the reviews it gets on youtube.