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Thomas W asked 1 week ago

What fragrance is best for dating? Something that smells good for women but that I can wear to work too.

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Robin James Staff answered 1 week ago

Hey Thomas. Great question! 
We have loads of fragrances on our Products pages. What sort of budget are you looking at? 
I have some of my most complimented fragrances here:
A personal favourite of mine is Dunhill Icon Absolute ( 
This fragrance is rich and decadent, yet playful. It’s quite often taken me from a quiet night at a bar to a night on the dance floor. Quite literally, anything could happen when wearing this fragrance.
It’s an oud fragrance without being that ‘stuck on the back of your throat’ vibe. The bergamot and black pepper give it an instant kick, whilst the base notes of Oud wood, tobacco and Tuscan leather give it a weight and sensuality that makes it perfect for the evening.