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Ryan asked 2 years ago

Hey everyone,
I was wondering what some long-lasting, not offensive or overpowering scents people might suggest for everyday use?

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Benjamin White answered 2 years ago

Hi Ryan!
Personally I work in a workshop/office environment and I rotate between the following fragrances,

Hugo boss – Bottled & The Scent
Dunhill – Icon Elite
Victor & Rolf – Spice bomb
Chanel – Bleu de Chanel
Jimmy Choo – Man 
Zara Man – Their tobacco Fragrances are inexpensive and great value for money. 
Burberry – Splash & Rhythm
Prada – Carbon

I really based my fragrances for the workplace on the cheaper end of fragrances for myself so I haven’t really listed many High priced items except for maybe the Prada and the Chanel, 
Please let me know if I can help any Further!

Benjamin White replied 2 years ago

Zara colognes are so in expensive and surprisingly good, unfortunately I cant stand any of the Calvin Klein line up.

Chris replied 2 years ago

Yep, I use a Zara cheap one which smells amazing for every day.
I also always always have a Calvin Klein Eternity – A classic as far as I’m concerned and one that I never get bored of.

Marty McFly replied 2 years ago

Agree with the above, I try to keep the better stuff for better occasions! Try the Dermot O’Leary fragrances if you want something surprisingly good, inexpensive and inoffensive. I work in an office too and my go to is currently Escentric Molecules Escentric 01

Ryan replied 2 years ago

Thanks a lot! This is very helpful 🙂

jonuiuc answered 2 years ago

Darn I just wrote a long answer including these on another question, but here I go again only shorter.  For work I’d go with something unoffensive and clean smelling, not too strong or cloying, or your co workers will avoid you lol.

Prada Infusion d’Homme – discontinued, there is a pricey reformulation, Infusion d’iris Cedre, but its not quite the same.  Super soapy, clean, expensive smelling.
Thierry Mugler Cologne for Men – Easy to wear, almost impossible accidently over do it.  Smells like an upmarket Irish Spring.  Works for most any setting.  
Eau d’Orange Verte – Very light, even less strong than the other two, has a citrus and slightly green, but clean quality.  You may be the only one that smells this one you unless someone is really close or you drenched yourself in it.  Does smell more expensive than the Mugler above.
Aventus – Smells great, if you like pineapple, but also smells expensive, this one stands out and is memorable to others (it will be your signature scent to others), but its not offensive.  I’d go easy on the dosing though.  And creed scents are expensive, but this one has a lot of clones…

I have other ones I like, but these are the only ones I’d wear at work.  I’ve got some stronger vetiver and oud, but some things are too fancy for the workplace unless you have a “dinner party” sort of job.

jonuiuc replied 2 years ago

The One is pleasant and not overpowering for the type of scent it is, its a little woodsy for me, but a lot of people like it. I’m sorta sensitive to scents applied to myself (a passing wiff is fine, but you can’t get away from your own neck). I probably wouldn’t wear it personally in the summer (that’s why all my “all the time” suggestions are the clean, fresh type), but everyone is different. For work, it would be no problem to the co workers around you.

Benjamin White replied 2 years ago

D&G The One really is known by fragrance reviewers as a compliment getter with women and really for the price point you cant go wrong with it.

Henri replied 2 years ago

What do you think about The One by Dolce&Gabbana?

Franklin answered 2 years ago

My personal everyday favourites (for work):
– Dylan Blue / Versace
– Allure Homme Edition Blanche / Chanel
– Egoïste Platinum / Chanel
– Icon Racing / Dunhill
– Adults / Kilian
– Eau d’Orange Verte / Hermes

Mike R answered 2 years ago

Just picked up pure vetyver from Zara, edp @£20. Will be my new work cologne. Ps looks like they’ve released a new range of edp’s? Maybe, not sure but I’ve not seen them before! 

Lollitta17 replied 12 months ago

I am using Zara man and I am totally satisfied with their quality. All my colleagues noticed that I have a new perfume

Chris replied 2 years ago

The Zara Vibrant Leather Is fantastic

Franklin replied 2 years ago

I never realized that Zara had so many different colognes. Very affordable as well. Any others that you can recommend? I worry that they smell a little synthetic, because they are so affordable. Today I bought Toy Boy by Moschino after seeing Robin’s video.