Payday Pickups | June 2016 | Man For Himself
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Payday Pickups | June 2016


Payday Pickups | June 2016

Congratulations on owning another month! Now, it’s time to treat yourself with a selection of my payday pickups. 

You’ll notice that my edit is lighter and brighter than last month. We are full steam ahead into summer and it’s time to embrace some of those seasonal trends.

Let me know if you pick up any of these items and tag me into your Instagram pics: @ManForHimself



This season is all about lighter wash and wider leg denim. Skinny and slim fit jeans may be flattering, but wider legs are actually more practical for warmer weather. Rushing around the city in a pair of spray-ons in the summer heat just isn’t the one (believe me!).

If you’ve got some ripped jeans in the back of your wardrobe, it’s time to whip them out



Pastels have been around since spring, but they’re a solid choice for summer. I introduced them in last month’s Payday Pickups but have gone bigger with this one. Swap maroon and black hoodies for pinks and baby blues for an easy-to-wear nod to the trend.

The hoody I’m wearing here has been massively popular on my Instagram and YouTube channel. It’s by a brand called Illusive London who have created their line to focus on the male physique – with tight cuts, muscular fit and classic designs. Now, I’m not big on muscular fits, so I’ve worn this baggy and layered.




Cream is my summer go-to. I’ve never been big on white as it doesn’t suit my skin tone. Cream, however, is warmer and brighter, sitting more favourably against my pale Scottish skin.

Cream is also easier to pair with other colours and will fit well with just about anything else in this edit.

The sweatshirt I’m wearing is from the new M.STUDIO collection by Men Look. I got sent a couple of items from the guys there earlier in the month and I’ve been super-pleased with the quality of the pieces.




I’m someone who loves to wear boots all year round, but the warmer (and drier!) weather is an opportunity to experiment with different materials.

Take a risk with suede (I’m still banging on about suede) or get those feet out with a woven sandal.

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