New Designer | Victoria Guy | Bold and Fresh Florals
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New Designer | Victoria Guy | Bold and Fresh Florals

New Designer | Victoria Guy | Bold and Fresh Florals

Victoria Guy’s floral prints are striking – fresh, bold, sophisticated and timeless.

Specialising in high quality design printmaking, Victoria is a new designer who has turned her attention to fashion. I was recently introduced to Victoria’s designs and I instantly needed to know more about her design inspiration.

It was at university in Dundee that Victoria explored floral print – studying the omnipresence of the floral pattern and how it could be presented using 21st century technologies:

“I took on the design challenge to reinvent the floral image we see so much of today. Instead of “modernising” floral prints like so many have done already, I wanted to use modern techniques with a classical twist.

Taking my love of today’s technology, I studied Renaissance paintings by The Old Masters to juxtapose the old with the new. I have been influenced by their dark atmospheric paintings and opulent colour palettes to create lavish, rich floral designs to be used within textiles.”

It’s this classical art inspiration that gives Victoria’s designs their unique look and feel. The timeless luxe quality of the floral print perfectly compliments the structured nature of fashion. They are totally versatile and can be imagined from daywear casuals to evening formal wear.

Victoria has already started to achieve recognition for her work, with designs sold to the Marks & Spencer interiors team, becoming a finalist in New Design Britain at Interiors UK, and winning the New Designers 2012 Sketch Creative Consultancy Innovation Award.

I definitely think this girl is hot property and could have a very lucrative and successful career in the making.

She’s one to watch – for sure.


Take a look at some of Victoria’s print designs below. Although just a mock-up (rendered on pre-existing shirt designs), they give a really good idea of how impactful her designs could (and will be!) on clothing.

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For more of Victoria’s designs, check out her portfolio here


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