Self-love through taking care of the skin is not only for women but also for men. Learn how to shift into a sustainable night skincare routine that is kind to the planet as well.

With more men getting into skincare, this will also increase the waste of single-use cotton balls/pads for example. Make a change towards a healthier planet through your nightly ritual.

4 Simple Steps to a Sustainable Night Skincare Routine for Men

The sequence of men’s skincare has no major difference compared to women.

However, you can make changes to your skin care routine so that it is not only good for you, but good for Mother Earth as well.


1. Eco-friendly Facial Cleansing

While no single facial cleanser fits all as there are different skin types, you can help make a more eco-friendly choice by reading labels carefully and choose one that ticks all the boxes:

  • Organic – they are gentler on the skin and on the environment.
  • Vegan/Plant-based – they are also gentle on the skin compared to the non-vegan counterparts.
  • Palm-Oil free – Palm oil comes from tropical rainforests and its huge demand is causing destruction of the habitats of endangered species.
  • Cruelty-free – this is not only ineffective but more importantly, it is cruel and dangerous.
  • Eco-friendly packaging – use products that have recyclable packaging. Plastics make up most of the world’s rubbish.

Environment-friendly Facial Scrubs

Facial Scrubs are great for exfoliation, especially since men have thicker skin. However, make sure that you are using a plant-based (cellulose-based) facial scrub instead of those traditional scrubs that are actually plastic!

These micro-plastics are not caught by water treatment systems and end up in the ocean. When they do, they harm marine life as they can be mistaken for food. Check the label of your facial scrub.

2. Toner

Spray-on toners are becoming popular. You can make do without disposable cotton balls and need less of the toner. You can apply the toner through spraying, tapping of fingertips, or wiping with reusable cotton pads. Here though, the use of a cotton pad is advisable as you will be able to see the last of impurities settled in your skin.

Do not be surprised though if you see light brown residue on your cotton pad, this just means that you have removed the remaining impurities. 

3. Treat

If you are suffering from acne or blemishes, you should not skip this part, though it will require your patience.

You can use a reusable and easy-to-clean cotton swab so that you can easily target those pimples and spots.

Eco-friendly Facial Masks

Clay masks are also good for men as for women. In fact, it is recommended 3 times a week. However, instead of those single-use sheet masks, use the more eco-friendly and sustainable clay mask. It helps control oily skin in men, as well as help moisturisers penetrate for dry skin.


4. Hydrate

Choosing a Moisturiser

As there is no “one moisturiser fits all” the thing to remember for a sustainable night skin care routine is to choose your moisturiser. the same way you choose your cleanser. There are vegan and cruelty-free moisturisers available in the market.

Tips for a Sustainable Skincare Routine

  • Check the ingredients of the products. It is advisable to be natural and organic.
  • Grab every opportunity to recycle. Go for recyclable or biodegradable packaging.
  • You can shave at night if you do not want to rush in the morning. Use stainless steel or bamboo razor. You may also consider getting an organic shaving soap or plant-based shaving cream.
  • In case you bought a product that is no match for your skin type, do not just throw it away. Someone you know may be using that product or someone needs it.
  • Support skincare or beauty industries that are advocates for preservation of the environment.
  • Try to carry a shopping bag with you when buying skincare products. Your significant other can carry it for you, too.

Sustainable Skincare Routine: Grooming Tools

Your commitment to a greener environment should be consistent. Consistency will make it easier in the long run.

Think about how your small acts of concern to the environment will affect future generations. This will be enough to motivate you to embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

Lastly, consider grooming or hygiene tools that go a long way to prevent unnecessary waste. You may not know who you might influence in taking this road to an eco-friendly environment.