I’ve got 5 top tips for you to get the most out of using your hair dryer.

This has been one of my most requested videos on my YouTube channel, so it was about time that I did it!


Tip 1 – Towel dry hair

  • Make sure that your hair is towel dry before using your hair dryer.
  • This will speed up the whole process.
  • It will also mean that your hair isn’t subjected to more heat than it needs.


Tip 2 – Use a product

  • If you follow these steps properly, you shouldn’t need a heat protection product.
  • I would recommend using a product to style the hair whilst using the hair dryer.
  • Top picks: Label M Grooming Cream and Label M Thickening Tonic.


Tip 3 – Temperature

  • My hair dryer has three heat settings. I never use the hottest setting.
  • I use a medium heat (second setting) and keep the hair dryer moving around my head.
  • Avoid using too much heat on one area.


Tip 4 – Direct the air

  • Use the nozzle of the hair dryer.
  • Direct the air up for volume.
  • Direct the air down to smooth and tame the hair.


Tip 5 – Finish with cold air

  • When your hair is hot, the cuticle (surface) of the hair is open, making it look thin and dull.
  • Blast your hair with cold air to finish, it will make your hair look thicker and glossier.


My hair dryer – Remington D3099GP