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Boris Johnson Vs Donald Trump | Battle Of The Hair Loss Hairstyles

Celebrity hair loss proves we’re certainly not alone in this, especially when it’s two of the world’s leading politicians.

When you’re a celebrity, there’s simply nowhere to hide. There are paps in the bushes, helicopters circling overhead and pesky members of the public with a camera in their hand at all times. If you’re having a bad hair day – or a bad hair life – someone’s going to notice. The thing about hair is that it doesn’t always stay put. It sometimes decides to depart its owner’s scalp, never to be seen again.

So, what do celebrities do about their ever-thinning thatches? Is it vain for someone to invest in hair restoration treatments, hair transplant surgeries or prosthetic options?

Imagine being hyper-visible no matter what you do. Imagine that your livelihood depends on your personal appearance or that you can’t be taken seriously if you’re not looking the best you can. On the political stage, it can play a major role in credibility levels. In the sporting arena, it can mean millions of pounds in lost endorsement deals. And for actors, being typecast as ‘middle-aged balding guy’ isn’t going to bring the offers or the big bucks.

Let’s take a look at two of the major players and their infamous hair situations.

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Donald Trump

POTUS’s candy floss – nothing sweet about it

So Donald Trump may not have had hair transplant surgery but whispers about scalp-reduction surgery have done the rounds over the years. His trusted personal physician, Dr. Harold N. Bornstein confided to the world that Mr. Trump “has all his hair” and that he turns to Finasteride – aka Propecia – to promote its growth. Fair enough.

If the Leader of the Free World has to pop a pill to keep his ‘do’ in shape, then who are we to deny him a forehead full of candy floss? There’s obviously no way he can compete with the intense head of glossy black hair possessed by his beloved ‘Rocket Man’, North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un but hey, a US President needs to keep up appearances.

Meanwhile, errant blustery winds have, from time to time exposed a significant hairless patch on the President’s scalp, leading many to speculate on what’s happening under the fine, fluffy strands for which he’s known.

boris-johnson-uk-prime-minister-hair-loss-grooming-hairstyle-man-for-himself Instagram: @borisjohnsonuk

Boris Johnson

Shag pile – decoy or deflector?

Well, he survived COVID-19, delivered Brexit and became a father for the first time. 2020 has been a huge year for the British Prime Minister and it seems his hair is still flailing in the breeze just like always.

His thatch is a little, dare I say ‘Trump-ian’, which hopefully isn’t going to be a new look for world leaders moving forward. But even though he seems to have a pretty decent shag pile up top, I feel like he’s kind of over-compensating. It’s often a dead giveaway that there’s a sparing smattering of hair underneath.

Whatever’s going on under there, his very un-Prime Ministerial hairstyle is certainly his trademark. Whilst it doesn’t match his ‘Received Pronunciation’ accent, it seems to have its very own personality and has been known to deflect attention away from far more serious matters (also very ‘Trump-ian’).

Hair loss is so incredibly common that there’s really no need for it to be such a secret. And there is no way Donald Trump and Boris Johnson can hide from their hair issues.

Fix it, don’t fix it, it doesn’t matter but let’s all see it for what it is … something that happens to around half of all men.

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