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Footballer Hairstyles | Beckham, Giroud, Stirling


Footballer Hairstyles | Beckham, Giroud, Stirling


Footballers have long been an inspiration for men’s hair and beard styles. From the short and neat to the long and messy, we’ve all looked to the pitch for our next hairstyle.

This post has been sponsored by Panasonic

Using the Panasonic grooming range, award-winning stylist Daniel Johnson has created some of the most iconic looks from the pitch. Replicating both their hair and beard styles, Daniel’s shown us how we can achieve the looks from the comfort of our very own locker room.

He’s created David Beckham’s faux hawk; Olivier Giroud’s ‘The Shade’; and Raheem Stirling’s high top fade.

Step-by-step guide below

Footballer style | The science

New research from Panasonic suggests that the prevalence of beards on football pitches around the country means that the age of the ‘clean-shaven look’ may be coming to an end – for the first time Europeans aged between 18 and 24 years old prefer a man’s face to be hairy (51%), not hair-free (49%).

While women in the UK and France are the biggest fans of the smoothed-face look (76%), the trend for beards is here to stay with the number of women across Europe preferring the rugged look increasing by 11% between 2013 (20%) and 2016 (31%).

In contrast to the growing popularity of facial hair among European women, it’s clear that less is more when it comes to hairy chests. Despite nearly six out of ten (59%) women in Europe now preferring a man with a smooth chest, they are likely to be disappointed – three quarters (75%) of European men surveyed said they never remove hair from that area. That said, German men are the most likely to get the trimmers out to remove unwanted chest hair (29%), followed by the Italians (23%).

Women’s preference for a hair-free male body doesn’t stop at a man’s chest hair. One in three (33%) European women prefer their men to shave their legs, rising to 41% for women in France and Italy. Despite this, only 15% of German and 17% of Italian men shave their legs.

But before you whip out the razor for your legs (personally, I think a step too far!), let’s start with the hair on your head and face…

Footballer style | ‘High Top Fade’ | Raheem Stirling

Raheem Stirling - Hair - High Top Fade

High top fade | in the style of Raheem Stirling

Personalisation is key this season and the fade is the perfect way to achieve this.

Get the look in three simple steps:

  1. Use the Panasonic GB80 Multi-Groomer and adjust to the desired length, trimming the sides all the way around the head, close to the skin
  2. Once complete, adjust your machine to 0.5mm following the line around the lower side of the head for a close shave and perfect gradual fade
  3. Then use the blade edge, at the sharpest point, to create the precise tramline for added personality and style

Footballer style | ‘The Shade’ | Olivier Giroud


‘The Shade’ | in the style of Olivier Giroud

Perfect for those looking for a subtler way to up their grooming game.

Get the look in three simple steps:

  1. Use the Panasonic GB80 Multi-Groomer to take down your beard to a no.1, whilst fading the sides of your head in a subtle way but clean cut style
  2. Switch to the Rechargeable Shaver ES-LT2N to give a sharp edge finish around the side of the beard, the ergonomic design and 3-blade cutting system will ensure precision trimming along the contours of your face
  3. Then use the edge of the blade for precision trimming around the sides of the face and beard for a clean cut and stylish frame

Footballer style | Faux hawk high-fade | David Beckham


Faux hawk high fade | in the style of David Beckham

Clean and simple, a new spin on an old classic. The shaved sides reduce width, while the spiked-up faux hawk elongates the face.

Get the look in three simple steps:

  1. Trim the sides using the Panasonic GB80 Multi-Groomer to get the desired length
  2. Then use the Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-NA65, going against the hairs natural direction to create volume and boost the roots, creating a faux hawk
  3. Once complete, grab a really good hair paste and using your fingers push your hands together through the roots while slowly lifting upwards for added volume

These looks have been created using the Panasonic GB80 Multi-Groomer (from £59.99); the Panasonic ES-LT2N (from £99.99); the Panasonic ES-LV95 (from £199.99); and the Panasonic EH-NA65-K Smooth & Shiny Hair Dryer with Nanoe Technology.

Panasonic ER-GB80 Review Manscaping - Robin James - Man For Himself

Panasonic GB80 Multi-Groomer

Shop the Panasonic GB80 Multi-Groomer:

Available from –  Amazon | Argos | Boots | Panasonic (UK) | 

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