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90s Sports Sweatshirts | Shop The Edit

Adidas Originals Sweatshirt

90s Sports Sweatshirts | Shop The Edit

90s sports sweatshirts are everywhere. Not just a distant memory, they’re well and truly back and I’m feeling pretty nostalgic. 

I was a 90s kid and remember how excited I was when my mum allowed me (yep, I had to ask) to buy my first ‘fashion’ sportswear.

I opted for a fluorescent yellow Le Coq Sportif sweatshirt and matching popper tracksuit bottoms. I literally [in my head] went from fashion failure to fashion icon overnight; and all it took was one very sporty chicken and a seizure-inducing colour palette.

As my style matured, I moved on to Adidas and went bold and brave in a bright orange sweatshirt with lime green cap. There was no messing around. I was taking no prisoners! 

20 years on and we’re back where we started. The 90s trend has been big all year, but it definitely feels like it’s being embraced by the masses.

I have, however, learned from my mistakes – ditching the acid brights and opting for something a little more understated.

Adidas Originals SweatshirtAdidas Originals Sweatshirt

Photography: Joey London

I’m wearing:


The easiest (and safest!) way to get involved in the trend is to go with a sports sweatshirt.

Worn big and casual, they provide a nod to the 90s without getting caught up in centre partings and one-strapped dungarees. Seriously, some things are better left Zack and A.C. from Saved By The Bell.

Adidas Originals Sweatshirt

Adidas Originals Sweatshirt

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Okay, bets on for when frosted tips and Hush Puppies make their return? 

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